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Where do I get an HTC phone?

From: Hana Loewe |Before: over 6 years ago Within: Where to find

So, I'm in the market for a new phone, and whereas I know I could go to a number of places, what I want to know is where can I get the best deal, warranty AND after-sales service for specifically an HTC phone?

Especially the after sales service. I'm a bit of a klutz with my phones (whoops, just dropped mine in a puddle....see?!)

Would appreciate the help!


From: Manar Hm |  over 6 years ago

go to gitex shopper in Dubai for sure you will find there the best deal its open till next Saturday 15 Oct

From: Hana Loewe |  over 6 years ago

don't i have to pay to get in? or is that just the exhibition?

From: Manar Hm |  over 6 years ago

Yes u have to buy around 30 dhs

From: Ahmad Hilal |  over 6 years ago

I'm a total believer in mobile street (defense or difa'a) - even the stuff you buy at carrefour or whatever is under Golden Motor warrantee. Prince mobiles is also good. Anything you buy in a mall is just gonna have an awful mark-up percentage.

From: Mais El Malik |  over 6 years ago

Have to agree with Ahmad, I always buy my phones on mobile street. Prince mobiles is my go-to guy lately, but anyone on that road is gonna give you wholesale prices if you negotiate even the slightest bit. Good luck!