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  • Al Ain Road
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    • 1.  ماكدونالدز
      Category: Fast-Food
      Region: Khalidiyah Mall

      ضيفوني على البيبي 753E5852

    • 2. 


      كيه اف سي
      Category: Fast-Food
      Region: Al Khalidiya
      Motaz Ayyash

      Not recommended at all Not clean

    • 3. 


      كنتاكي فرايد تشيكن
      Category: Fast-Food
      Region: Tourist Club Area
      afsah asad

      this place iz one ov the bstest place......the food here iz so fresh, rispy n tasty tht everyone jus luvs it!! i jus luv this kfc stuff.....it's healthy n having full nutrients in it...!! it…

    • 4.  المطاعم والكافتيريا اوتوماتيكي
      Category: Fast-Food, Shawarma
      Region: Al Markaziya
      Automatic Restaurant & Cafeteria
      Shaza Adnan

      the best shawerma is the Automatic.... it is the best of the best... they offers very friendly staff and great shawarma...

    • 5.  برجر كنج
      Category: Fast-Food, Burger
      Region: Khalidiyah Mall
      Burger King
      Joe Stephen

      Great place to eat out very fast by making your orders and getting them ready. Very cost effective and great for friends,families and lovers. Package your meals so they stay warm and staff are very…

    • 6.  بوبايز
      Category: Seafood, Fast-Food
      Region: Al Wahda Mall
      الظافر محمد

      دخلت هذا المكان بدعوة من أحد أصدقائي في أول زيارة لي لدولة الإمارت العربية المتحدة - إمارة أبوظبي ولما شاهدت المدينة وحمالها ورونقها ذكرتني بزيارتي لمدينة باريس بفرنسا وسألني صديقي عن انطابعي عن…

    • 7.  مطعم الطازج الفقيه للدواجن
      Category: Fast-Food
      Region: Al Markaziya
      Al Tazaj Fakieh BBQ Chicken Restaurant 
      Vic Anthony Atilano

      well as far as i know im an addict with their bbq chicken with unlimited kuboz heaven.... when i came to their restaurant i always order this combo. weather im in the main store or in abu dhabi mall…

    • 8.  هارديز
      Category: Fast-Food
      Region: Al Wahda Mall
      Steve Welling

      Hardees has an outstanding taste for just being a take out and fast food restaurant everything is well cooked and makes your mouth water. Hardees taste is always with you to the extent you get…

    • 9.  صاب واي
      Category: Fast-Food
      Region: Al Khalidiya
      Mutant Zam

      The best what i like in Subway is their tailored sandwich making where you got the varieties to go for and to choose from different styles to sauces and salads , I would say simply awesome just give…

    • 10.  شيك شاك
      Category: Fast-Food
      Region: Mussaffah
      Shake Shack
      Bin Ad

      The best burger ever

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