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  • 1.  مخابز وحلويات زهرة لبنان
    Category: Bakeries, Sweets
    Region: Al Wahdah
    S l

    where can one find amazing qatayef in AD ? well there r many places but only one caught my eye with great awe and that is the Lebanese flower bakery & sweets . what most allured me to shop at this…

  • 2.  حلويات الاقصى
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Tourist Club Area
    Al Aqsa Sweets
    Stephen Clive

    what a place to buy your Qatayef dough, ready made cooked with walnuts, plain or with orange blossom. This shop is not only enticing on the outside but is so inviting on the inside. There is a range…

  • 3.  حلويات حبيبة النابلسي
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Al Khalidiya
    Mohammad AlKanakri

    The BEST place in AD which made the best Knafa in the town. I am getting hungry just by thinking of it. Will they make a really amazing Arabian Knafa that you should try it and it worth 50 DHS a…

  • 4.  البتيل
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Khalidiyah Mall
    Hana R

    The best quality dates can be brought from Bateel, although there are other shops too, but this holy month comes once in an year, so there should be special dates for this special month, and there…

  • 5.  حلويات الصمدي
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Al Khalidiya
    Al Samadi Sweets
    Rana Fawaz

    best sweets of all kinds,whether arabic or foreign pastries too. but great "killej" is there,the best in town. plus all different arabic seets are available anytime on daily basis,and best of…

  • 6.  حلويات الجميل
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Al Khalidiya
  • 7.  حلويات القيصر
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Al Markaziya
    Caesars Confectionery Electra road
  • 8.  محل بت للحلويات
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Electra Street
    Butt Sweet House
  • 9.  بت للحلويات
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Hamdan Bin Mohamed Street
    Butt sweet House
  • 10.  المناسبات للحلويات
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Hamdan Bin Mohamed Street
    Occasions sweets
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