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  • 1.  كانديلوشيوس
    Category: Sweets
    Region: The Dubai Mall
    S l

    Candylicious is a wonderland for every individual who is devoted to devouring delicious mouthwatering candy and soft sugary chocolate. I never understood the sentence “kid in a candy store” until I…

  • 2.  حلويات الصمدي
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Deira
    Al Samadi Sweets
    Saif farook

    Being a freak of sweets .....Al Samadi sweets is the perfect place for me and all sweet lovers....Arabic sweets are wonderful always ...al samadi gives a awsome feel ... Perfect to wrap and give as…

  • 3.  فراس الضيافة للحلويات
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Al Barsha
    Feras Al Deyafa Sweets
    Mohammed Iqbal

    the most sweet and amazing qatayef dough is made here. a bite eaten, feels so amazing that you will re live your past.. so juicy and sweet..thick.. simply superb and very delicious

  • 4.  حلويات نيرالا
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Al Karama
    Nirala Sweets
    Zaini .A

    My family is too Desi and hence we prefer to have desi lahori nashta (breakfast) on weekends. SO this place Nirala turned out to be the best we got! The location is appropriate and you tend to find…

  • 5.  مطعم وحلويات قيصر
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Al Garhoud
    Caesars Confectionery

    A one stop shop for all confectionary needs.A wide variety of snacks ranging from dry to moist items.The yummy Ras malais make it totally irresistable...My daughter loves getting her Birthday cake…

  • 6.  مطعم وحلويات باك غازي
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Deira
    Pak Ghazi Restaurant and Sweets
    Wasim Khan

    i love their food...its the best place to have a treat...i loved their all dishes...others should go..

  • 7.  حلويات فراس
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Al Twar
  • 8.  اتس شوكر
    Region: Sheikh Zayed Road
    Somaiah Abu Tammam

    today morning I was in dubai in business trip last for 10 hours, I had no time to go shopping or see anything else, cuz it was half day trip only ..! anyhow the only thing I was thinking of is my…

  • 9.  مطعم وحلويات جاكيس ستار (ش·ذ·م·م)
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Al Qusais Industrial Area
    Merry Al-tamimi

    i love sea food there it is imazing i recomended all to go there and eat shrimp and fish there and also dont forget to eat sea food soup

  • 10.  حلويات البابا الممتازة
    Category: Sweets
    Region: Deira
    Al Baba Al Mumtaza Sweets LLC
    Fatima Abdraboo

    Best in occassions custom cakes!! but keep in mind you have to set an order four days before, you can choose toppings & stuffings, they will take order by kilo's or number of people. Aside from the…

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