Breakfast places in Abu Dhabi

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  • Al Raha Beach
  • Al Salam Street
  • Electra Street
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    • 1.  جونز ذي جروسر
      Region: Al Muroor
      Jones the Grocer
      Hana Mia

      The portions are just too small considering how much you end up paying. The quality of the food has been going downhill and the staff can't seem to handle a crowd.

    • 2.  نولوز
      Region: Al Raha Beach
      Nolu's Cafe
      Aleen Saeed

      Eeeeexcellent food! I cannot rave on more about just how great an idea this place had: Afghani-Californian fusion?! Genius. Make sure to order all 4 shareable platters if you're in a group -…

    • 3.  صاج جدودنا
      Category: Breakfast
      Region: Tourist Club Area
      Saj Jdodna Restaurant
      Ayah Bd

      مناقيش زاكية وفطور رائع عندو عصائر طارجة كمان بنصحكم بفطور عندو

    • 4.  مطعم وكافيتريا الكلحة
      Category: Breakfast
      Region: Al Salam Street
      Al Kalha Cafeteria & Restaurant
    • 5.  كافيتريا الكلحة
      Category: Breakfast
      Region: Electra Street
      Al Kalha Cafeteria & Restaurant