Cinema places in Abu Dhabi

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    • 1.  سن رويال سينما
      Category: Cinema
      Region: Khalidiyah Mall
      Cine Royal Cinemas
      Ayah Bd

      All cinemas are the same, but this one feels different. The walk to the theatre is very relaxing, low lights, red carpet and no noises. No chaos and very organized. The cinema is huge and the staff…

    • 2.  فوكس سينما
      Category: Cinema
      Region: Marina Village
      Vox Cinemas
      Fawwaz Kudsi

      Vox cinemas is incredible! Tickets are decently priced at 35 dirhams for a standard ticket, and the snack bar really is an experience in itself. Their choices, size options, and general taste are…

    • 3.  جراند الماريا
      Category: Cinema
      Region: Al Najda Street
      Grand Al Mariah  
      rosh raj

      On every weekends we use to go there, generally for English movies. But it also plays Hindi & Other languages movies. The sound system is good. The screens are big.It has 8 screens. But we…

    • 4.  سينما الوطنية
      Category: Cinema
      Region: Al Najda Street
      National Cinema
      Sundar  Singh

      To me, this cinema used to be like a living room, because I used to live in the same building :) I watched many movies here. I dont remember they playing any langage other than hindi. They have 4…

    • 5.  جراند سينما 
      Category: Cinema
      Region: Tourist Club Area
      Grand Cinemas
      Tareq Samara

      This is my favorite Cinema here and in Jordan, comfortable chairs, professional staff, good timings, cool refreshments and other snacks, they also have this useful booklet for their coming movies…

    • 6.  سيني ستار سينما
      Category: Cinema
      Region: corniche Road
      CineStar Cinema
      Bassel Koudsi

      المكان حلو الصالات حلوة و كبار الصالة نظيفة والكراسي مريحة والمسافة بين صفوف الكراسي منيحة والاضاءة منيحة والصوت منيح واضح بتعيش جو الفيلم الصالة نظيفة والشاشة كبيرة سينما حلوة في صفة سيارة

    • 7.  سينما الوحدة
      Category: Cinema
      Region: Al Wahda Mall
      Wahda Cinema
      Fawwaz Kudsi

      It's about time they opened cinemas in Wahda mall. Now the cinema itself is ok, but I feel as it could be much better. I'm comparing it directly to cineroyal in khalidiyah, grand cinemas in…

    • 8.  جريدة السينما دورادو
      Category: Cinema
      Region: Electra Street
      El Dorado Cinema
      Sundar  Singh

      They have 2 screens, if the movie you wanted is showing on screen 2, please stay away. This is just like a big tv screen, with bad surround sound because of the narrow hall. The screen 1 is better…

    • 9.  توي تاون
      Category: Cinema
      Region: Abu Dhabi Mall
      Toy Town