Falafel places in Abu Dhabi

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  • Al Manhal
  • Hamdan Bin Mohamed Street
  • Falafel
  • International
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    • 1.  جست فلافل
      Category: Local Food, Falafel
      Region: Hamdan Bin Mohamed Street
      just falafel
      Fawwaz Kudsi

      Very nice place to have falafel in Abu Dhabi, maybe even better than Lebanese flower. I'm not much of a falafel guy, but I really enjoy it here. Not too expensive as well

    • 2.  جست فلافل
      Category: Local Food, Falafel
      Region: Al Manhal
      Just Falafel

      what can i say about the most delecious falafel ever? the choices are fantastic specially when you try the italian, you feel like you wanna eat hundered of that creamy falafel sandwich. The…