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    • 1.  عبد الوهاب
      Category: Oriental, Local Food
      Region: Saadiyat Island
      Abd Elwahab Restaurant
      Ayah Bd

      اكل لبناني بشهي كل شي عندو زاكي والقعدة رائعة بطل على البحر..بنصحكم تجربوا

    • 2.  جست فلافل
      Category: Local Food, Falafel
      Region: Hamdan Bin Mohamed Street
      just falafel
      Fawwaz Kudsi

      Very nice place to have falafel in Abu Dhabi, maybe even better than Lebanese flower. I'm not much of a falafel guy, but I really enjoy it here. Not too expensive as well

    • 3.  مطعم الأبراج للمندي
      Category: Local Food
      Region: Mussaffah
      Towers Mandi Restaurant
      Abd Sab

      غالي في السعر وتاخير بالدليفري والكولتي عادي

    • 4.  جست فلافل
      Category: Local Food, Falafel
      Region: Al Manhal
      Just Falafel

      what can i say about the most delecious falafel ever? the choices are fantastic specially when you try the italian, you feel like you wanna eat hundered of that creamy falafel sandwich. The…

    • 5.  مزلاي
      Category: Local Food
      Region: Al Bateen
      Tareq Samara

      Emirati & Arabian food is served in this fabulous cozy restaurant, with quiet arabian music, and delightful atmosphere... It's strongly recommended to go there if you want to get arabic…

    • 6.  مطعم البركة
      Category: Local Food
      Region: Tourist Club Area
      Al Birkeh restaurant
      Ghassan Ayan

      This is probably one the best dining experience I have ever had in Abu Dhabi. I love Lebanese food and especially mezza and I don't accept mediocre taste. I visited them last week with a friend…

    • 7.  مطعم ومشاوي نصر
      Category: Oriental, Local Food
      Region: Madinat Zayed
      Nasser Restaurant & Grill
      joelle haddad

      the food is excellent, price is good but the restaurant is not fancy, it's clean and the service is quick, there is parking infront of the restaurant, it doesnt serve alcohol, and the people…

    • 8. 


      Category: Local Food
      Region: Al Markaziya
      Ahmad Hilal

      I've said I love Japanese food and I'll say it again. This place is a hidden gem. Granted I've only tried it a couple of times, but it gets my adventurous spirit going...now,…

    • 9.  مطعم ومطبخ استراحه الامارات
      Category: Local Food
      Region: Mussaffah
      Emirates Restaurant and Kitchen
    • 10.  مطعم سبأ الحديث
      Category: Local Food
      Region: Mussaffah
      Saba'a Modern Restaurant
      Reefy11 Rashed

      الرقم قديم ولا يوجد له عنوان الخدمه سيأه

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