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    • 1.  ألور
      Category: Bars, Pubs
      Region: Yas Island
      tamer  n

      amazing place to relax on the weekend. The terrace to relax and have sheesha with beautiful views and the main room to dance the night away. One of the best clubs ive seen in this part of the world. …

    • 2.  ثيرتي فيرست بار
      Category: Bars, Pubs
      Region: Al Reehan
      Thirty 1st
      Marion Erskine

      Abu Dhabi has more than enough fancy bars and restaurants to show off with, but few actually remember that they're working with real humans and the 'bling bling' overshadows the heart.…

    • 3.  لورنسيز بار
      Category: Bars, Pubs
      Region: Jebel Hafeet
      Lawrences Bar
    • 4.  رمال بار
      Category: Bars, Pubs
      Region: Baniyas
      Rimal Bar
    • 5.  ريمكس بار
      Category: Bars, Pubs, Clubs
      Region: Al Safarat
      Re:mix Lounge
    • 6.  ذا تافرين
      Category: Pubs
      Region: corniche Road
      The Tavern
    • 7.  الهنا
      Category: Bars, Pubs
      Region: Jebel Dhanna
      Al Hana
    • 8.  الشمس
      Category: Bars, Pubs
      Region: Sir Bani Yas
      Al Shams Bar
    • 9.  اكواريوس
      Category: Bars, Pubs
      Region: Al Ain Road
    • 10.  اكواريوس
      Category: Bars, Pubs
      Region: Al Markaziya
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