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  • Review Applebee's by Naznin
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    Applebee's is such an amazing place. It offers great American food. The staff are really friendly. I ordered for a platter with Steak Quesadilla Tower, Cheese Slider and Buffalo wings. The steak quesadilla practically melts in your mouth. It's that juicy and cheesy. Cheese slider has a really weird name because it actually is a mini burger :).. The bun is so soft while it's edges are crispy and I think caramelized. With a juicy beef burger and cheese in between, you can actually find the perfect balance between juiciness and crispiness. The sauces are just right and nothing drips over. The buffalo wings are covered in a mildly spicy batter and it just tastes amazing.
    I also ordered a Californian Shrimp salad. It is decked with lots of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, grilled shrimps and slices of hard-boiled egg. I think it could have been more in quantity considering a plate is priced at AED49. I loved the sauce in it though. Overall, the ambiance is excellent and the staff, just great!. I would recommend this place to anyone. It's located at the Mushrif Mall foodcourt. It's a must visit. The menu offers a vast range of food from sizzlers to steaks and I would say it would cost atleast AED 150 for 2 persons. I went in there, had some great food and I have come back being their greatest fan and I plan to get back in there as soon as possible :)