اكشن زون

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  • Review اكشن زون by Ayah
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    I always take my neices there. They have lots of games and entertainment. The place is clean and safe and the staff are helpful. Recommended
  • Review اكشن زون by Mohammad
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    I really nice place to spend your childhood there. This one used to be near my home but they moved it before couple years to al Mina. Will there you can get a card and charge it with money then you can start playing some nice games. Some games give you tokens that can changed for a toy. It is a really nice place if you have kids. The problem is that most of games cost alot of money for the time you play it. For example there is a game that cost 5 DHs and you will finish this game in like 2 minutes or less. I used to like three games first one is bowling second one is jackpot and the last one is deal or no deal it was my favorite game. Will if you want to spend a nice time with your kids or if you are under age 14 you can go there but remember to get more than 100 DHs so you can enjoy your time. Oh by the way there is a small restaurant there that deserve humberger and some other stuffs.