Stake sandwich
Tiny comfy seats
Creative decor
I like their bags color :-)
Chicken Pizza Sandwich - Combo size, Good but a little oily!
Chicken Pizza Sandwich - Inside
Chicken a la Cave... 3/10
مكسيكان تشكن
مكسيكان تشكن
بتس اند بايتس
بتس اند بايتس
Review بتس اند بايتس by ستينة
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I tried this place for a couple of times when it first opened and it was great their food was really tasty and clean .. it was all cooked by ordered not reheated, and the place was clean and very nice.. but I visited a few days ago and what a shame it was ...I guess this is what happens to all restaurants after a few months . The food took about half an hour till it was ready although all what I asked was a salad and some fried potato and it wasn't great either especially the potato its tasted awful. The tables were dirty, and it took him over 20 min to clean it up, and when he did he didn't even clean all of our tables. we where on our lunch break so we had to be late waiting for the food for to be ready. I wish restaurant have more respect for their customers , this way they wouldn't have lost customers like me.

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