بلو فيج
بلو فيج
Review بلو فيج by Hana
14 من المراجعات |  قبل 6 سنوات
I have been to Blue Fig twice. The first time was for breakfast on a Friday which was a No No for me because service is always bad when it is overcrowded, so it ended with a bad impression. This year, I gave it another go for lunch on a weekday and I loved it. I would go back just for the salads, we ordered the Bed of Roses and the Jarash Arena salad and both were exceptional. The chicken pesto sandwich and fajita pizza were good but not great. I like my meat medium so I ordered my Angus burger Medium and I got it medium well but it was still good and moist. I also got the spinach drink (I don't remember the name) and it was amazing; however, I asked for another and it tasted nothing like my first. That was very disappointing but overall it was good and every time I visit Jordan, I'll pass by for sure.

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مراجعات (92)

  • Review بلو فيج by Aya
    20 من المراجعات |  قبل سنتين
    The atmosphere is really good but the service is very bad and slow.. the food is yummy
  • Review بلو فيج by Amal
    92 من المراجعات |  قبل سنتين
    Nice atmosphere outside , good service , i tried the Australian chicken with peanut sauce and it was good. Tuscan pizza is very delicious. Jerash salad is my favorite dish there! Parking is available free and valet
  • Review بلو فيج by Sahar
    34 من المراجعات |  قبل 3 سنوات
    The best place to have your breakfast. Service is good and the food is perfect.
  • Review بلو فيج by Kholood
    12 من المراجعات |  قبل 3 سنوات
    القعدة حلوة والخدمة كويسة لكن الأكل بدون طعم والكمية قليلة مقارنة مع السعر المرتفع
  • Review بلو فيج by Khaled
    42 من المراجعات |  قبل 3 سنوات
    Great place great food great environment
  • Review بلو فيج by Rima
    29 من المراجعات |  قبل 3 سنوات
    Had breakfast with family at Blue Fig. As always great food and coffee. The only intake I have that could not get the fresh juice because the juicer was out of order. Plan B???
  • Review بلو فيج by Sumaya
    15 من المراجعات |  قبل 4 سنوات
    A really good variety of yummy dishes, especially for breakfast. drinks are pretty okay. the place design and armosphere are awesome, artistic, vintage and modern at the same time.
  • Review بلو فيج by Luai
    14 من المراجعات |  قبل 4 سنوات
    just WOW Great in everything food. location. service but pit expensive
  • Review بلو فيج by Rola
    4 من المراجعات |  قبل 4 سنوات
    When you tell people a concert is free, but then charge a service charge at the end of your bill PLUS taxing the service charge alongside your order, I call bullshit on that. My bill wasnt supposed to come out to more than 8 or 9 but I ended up paying 19, because they decided they didn't want to be clear from the beginning. Also, when food says it's going to have "cheddar cheese" on it, don't use a squeeze bottle nacho cheese and call it "cheddar". False advertising only gets you to lose customers.
  • Review بلو فيج by Restaurants
    46 من المراجعات |  قبل 6 سنوات
    been great since the opening... love breakfast there :)