دايزي للعناية بك

عمان - عبدون

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مراجعات (2)

  • Review دايزي للعناية بك by Hala
    18 من المراجعات |  قبل 8 سنوات
    Finally there is a place to make a review of this place! if there is a less than a star rating i would definitely choose that! the decoration is the only nice thing about the place. I went last year things might have changed since then but personally i would not step foot in that place again! The receptionist that was rude, you enter the place with a fog of smoke from her desk and the way she greats people is horrendous.... I was told where to sit and wait for the lady who does the manicures who went to bring lunch! I had an appointment and waited for 15 minutes till the lady came and she started with the filing and stuff and asks what i want to make then she goes to disappear AGAIN! i wait for another 7 or 8 minutes then i ask the receptionist why am i waiting and she replies the girl does not know how to make french nails! daaah isnt that their job! anyhow her response that i need to wait again for another costumer to finish!! I decided to leave and not finish and was charged the full price as if i made it with nail polish and i did not even get an apology!!! POOR POOR service you can easily find parking places in the street
  • Review دايزي للعناية بك by Aya
    73 من المراجعات |  قبل 8 سنوات
    the perfect place to manicure there, its so calm and cosy where you can relax they always have light candles and the workers are so nice and helpful you definitely need to call and make a reservation.that's their policy they also have messages and offers skin care treatments prices are just like any other salon