فيش اند كو
فيش اند كو

دبي - مدينة مهرجان دبي

الطابق الارضي، مركز المهرجان، شارع الرباط، مدينة المهرجانات
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  • Review فيش اند كو by Diana
    15 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    After a bit of shopping at festival city, we wanted to have dinner at a nice place and skip the whole foodcourt bit. The lady at the cutomer information sure was a gem and Fish & co. is on of the places she gave us as a person recommendation and I'm glad she did.
    The place is very simple in aspect of decor but very cheerful. You don't need prior reservations so that's a relief. The hostess was a little slow in attending to us so that was bit of a let down. The food though is very good and substantial portions as well. Their seafood platter is universally acclaimed and has won several awards. Once you have it you will know why it gives you, prwans, calamari, squid and fish and they are all so juicy succulent and flavourful. Please ask them for their peri peri sauce as it's something that you won't get elsewhere and goes well with most of their dishes. My friend had the whole sea bass which is also very popular and was equally good. it's a no fuss envirinment and good to go with the entire family as well. they don't have a wide selection but the food matches with the price and is of excellent quality. They don't have any kids specific zones and you can't smoke nor do they have any music or entertainment or alcohol. If you want to have a quiet evening in a comfortable environment with good food then is is definately for you. A meal for two would cost you about AED 250.