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come visit us at gerard and enjoy your day with our delicious ice-cream

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10:30 ص - 12:00 ص
10:30 ص - 12:00 ص
10:30 ص - 12:00 ص
10:30 ص - 12:00 ص
10:30 ص - 12:00 ص
10:30 ص - 12:00 ص
10:30 ص - 12:00 ص
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مراجعات (98)

  • Review جيرارد by Shadia
    85 من المراجعات |  قبل 3 سنوات
    i ordered a lot of flavors especially mango ice cream and arabic ice cream but I noticed something that the flavor it's yummy but not like one year ago
  • Review جيرارد by Omar
    174 من المراجعات |  قبل 4 سنوات
    Variety is the name of the game here. They have a lot of flavours and ice cream types. I love their nutella ice cream the most. During winter, they serve sahlab at their branches which is really a nice winter treat.
  • Review جيرارد by sari
    14 من المراجعات |  قبل 4 سنوات
    very good variety of tastes , but it a bit expensive also i always have problem parking my car when i go to abdoun branch
  • Review جيرارد by Lana
    13 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    المكان الأفضل في عمان لإعداد البوظا <3
  • Review جيرارد by shadi
    8 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    البوظة طيبة كثير ، فقط المشكلة التنظيم غير مناسب نوعا ما
  • Review جيرارد by Leen
    11 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    best chocolate milkshake&ice-creams
  • Review جيرارد by Haitham
    37 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    ما بسترجي احكي عنو غير انو محل ممتاز بالشكل والنظافه والطعم والخدمه لأني بستخدم اسم جيرارد كا رشوه او تهديد لأبني لصغير ازا ابتعمل كويس بتروح جيرارد واز بتغلب ما في جيرارد وبصراحه مكان حلو الواحد ممكن يريح اعصابو في على سكوب ايس كريم بعد يوم عمل متعب :)
  • Review جيرارد by Aseel
    12 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    The best ice cream in amman... You should try all the flavors there. Love it
  • Review جيرارد by Rana
    4 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    the best ever ice cream place in whole world , ice cream couldnt taste any better but why did you take out the orange marmelade flavour it was something to die for
  • Review جيرارد by Mira
    49 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    I think Gerard is definitely one of the most known ice-cream places at Amman, and everyone can vouch for their delicious ice-creams. I really love their frozen yogurt which you cannot find daily and even if you did they change up the flavors. I would recommend the blueberry, its very delicious and I think it's fat free if you're on a diet which is a delicious alternative (don't take my word, ask the workers). Plus it way cheaper than the other frozen yogurt places like Pinkberry, but it doesn't have the toppings. I also sometimes like to order a cookie that they crumble and then put ice-cream over it, which is yummy. you can also add some hot chocolate syrup and it'll be superb.