Ibn Battuta Mall
Ibn Battuta Mall
ابن بطوطة مول
ابن بطوطة مول
Review ابن بطوطة مول by neeta
5 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
Ibn batuta...the 1km mall...I love that place.Its so easy to follow...and u cant get lost.Even tho' its one end for me(i stay in ghusais) i still do land up going there.
It does have all the brands there....the feel of the mall is really nice... nice movie experience... i would recommend it to everyone...n is always on our list when we have overseas visitors. Whoever we've taken there...have loved it...the decor, the different zones n the write up on the traveler!

دبي - طريق الشيخ زايد

طريق الشيخ زايد، التقاطع الخامس، جبل علي، دبي
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  • Review ابن بطوطة مول by خلود
    2 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    مكان راااائع جداا جدا احب واستمتع بالمشي في ارجاء المول
  • Review ابن بطوطة مول by السعيد
    3 من المراجعات |  قبل 6 سنوات
    اسواق جميلة جداً ويجد المتسوق كل شي في متناول يده وبإسعار مغرية اعجبني هذا المول كثير جداً واستمتعت مع عائلتي اثناء التسوق وكل شي متوفر فيه من مقاهي ومطاعم والعديد العديد من المركات العالمية
  • Review ابن بطوطة مول by Lina
    79 من المراجعات |  قبل 8 سنوات
    Ibn Battuta Mall is not just a mall, it’s a tourist landmark since it’s built with the theme of 6 countries (India, China, Andalusia, and more) that Ibn Battuta visited during his journey. While walking in the mall, you will find features explaining something about ibn battuta’s life.
  • Review ابن بطوطة مول by Hemantkumar
    24 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    Malls in Dubai are not just for Shopping but if you are a tourist, you should consider some malls as tourist attractions too. The Ibn Batuta Mall is not just a tourist attraction; it is actually 7 tourist attractions built in one place.
    It is the world’s largest themed shopping mall. The Ibn Batuta Mall is an absolutely beautifully stunning mall. It is designed to showcase the travels of the famous Arabic explorer Ibn Battuta across different countries; The mall is divided into 6 zones each reflecting a country (China, India, Persia, Egypt, Tunisia and Andalusia). The mall doesn’t have multiple floors, its one single ground floor spread across a length of 1.3 kilometer (just imagine!!) As you walk across this mall, you feel like having walked through 7 different malls; each with its own unique décor and style. Several exhibits of historical significance are laid out in different parts of the mall giving it a museum kind of feel. Where in the world can u have a museum experience in a mall. There are over 50 restaurants and food outlets along with 21 cinema screens including UAE’s only IMAX theatre. And not to forget the huge Ship/boat kept inside the mall in front of the movie theatre located in the China region of the mall An added attraction is the Hot Air Balloon ride you can take just outside the mall. But do check on it before you go since they don’t really operate round the year. Last time I checked, they were closed for summer. The interiors of the China court depicts typical Chinese interior elements and motifs like that of dragons etc. and adds to the heritage of Chinese architecture, tradition and culture. The china court features a mock up of an old style Chinese sail ship. The India Court showcases cultural elements of the Indian architectural style. It has a modern full-size working reproduction of an Elephant Clock, an Islamic invention consisting of a water-powered clock in the form of an elephant. And so on ... Spend a day at Ibn Batuta Mall !
  • Review ابن بطوطة مول by Mark
    1 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    I love this Mall so much.. the culture it presents ... the amount of shops you can find.. you can always go shop for clothes..anything from the culture of the Emirates.. also if you love sports you can find a shop..
    if you love music you can find a shop.. if you search for children's wear you can find a store... Food court is amazing... I just love this mall..
  • Review ابن بطوطة مول by Mais
    5 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    Ibn Battuta Mall is a very enjoyable mall that offers a lot to its visitors. From shop outlets to restaurants. It also offers interesting facts about Ibn Battuta's, who was an Arabian explorer, journeys into various exotic lands. There are several displays that pertain to that scattered through the mall making the walk all the much more enjoyable and informative at the same time.
  • Review ابن بطوطة مول by Ben
    3 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    Ibn e Batuta Mall Mall is superb in all aspects.
    Cultural Market having partitions of different countries. That of Iran is the most beautiful as it is having a historical view. And interesting about the Mall is that, its having a vast area and at every block there is something about the deeds of the Muslim Traveler and scientist Ibn e Batuta. It has a vast portion of Fashion. And a Market inside with all the daily use Grocery Items. So liked it, visited it and enjoyed so much! What r u up to? Go and visit now :)
  • Review ابن بطوطة مول by Cecilia
    12 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    only one word for Ibn Battuta Mall---------FANTASIC
    All the decoration and interior design make me feel inside a fantastic fairy tales world, if indeed there is in the world, most shopping mall are extremely luxury and dedicated decoration, but this one is full of Children's interesting & novelity
  • Review ابن بطوطة مول by Saniya
    7 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    Ibn Batuta mall...is a mall made on ground floor ...you wont find storeys in it.....the building n architecture is beautifully designed....as it potrays several cultures n their architecture...so good as the structure n interior is concerned but when it comes to mall....I think it lacks behind....the access is poor....you just have to walk too much...no central galleria...its bit dark so no liveliness there...........it seems like an isolated mall....mosly there are no shows n offers to attract customers....n no kids favourite fast food courts....so one has to think really when feeling hungry n tired.....little boing to me...but the best IMax makes up everything....n geant market is Big!!!
  • Review ابن بطوطة مول by Luisa
    5 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    there's nothing much interesting in ibn battuta mall, it's just happened that we are close to it so whenever we need something urgent, we can easily go there. one thing we really like about here is the wellcare clinic, we don't need to go far to visit pediatrician specialist. i can also say that geant hypermarket is far expensive form carrefour.