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كتش كب كيك
كتش كب كيك

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مراجعات (3)

  • Review كتش كب كيك by Ayah
    176 من المراجعات |  قبل 3 سنوات
    My favourite cupcake shop. The smell when you enter is so sweet and refreshing, double chocolate and vanilla cupcakes are amazing. Recomended
  • Review كتش كب كيك by Mais
    29 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    Oh-Em-Gee! Best cupcakes ever. I though Sugar Daddy's was good till I tried this place. The quality is just impeccable; their super-sweet and I love my sugar so YAY for me.
    There's always someone lovely and helpful, and there's never a queue at the door. They even sell adorable cup-cake related merchandise ;) The location at the market isn't the best idea but it is well worth the parking problem (oh, just use the underground parking, make sure to get it validated!)
  • Review كتش كب كيك by Hana
    34 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    I know I spend my time on the sit obsessing over sugar and everything it goes into...but I have one word for you: CUPCAKES!
    They're like 12 dhs a piece which is...eh, well one's gonna fill you up so don't be fooled by it's diminutive size. Even the "low fat" option is awesome. cream cheese on a cupcake is just pure genius!