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نوفوتيل مطار القاهرة
نوفوتيل مطار القاهرة

نوفوتيل مطار القاهرة

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القاهرة - مصر الجديدة

طريق المطار - امام مطار القاهرة الدولى - مبنى الركاب 1

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  • Review نوفوتيل مطار القاهرة by Aliaa
    100 من المراجعات |  قبل 5 سنوات
    فندق نوفتيل المطار مميز جدا طبعا بالنسبة لقربه الشديد من المطار اللي يخليك تلجأله لو مسافر قريب . الفندق شيك جدا و مستواها حلو . الغرفة معقولة و لطيفة ، النظافة ممتازة . خدمة الغرف و العملاء على مستوى جيد . الأسعار معقولة مقارنة بمكانه و أسعار الفنادق الاخرى . في حمام سباحة و جاردن للأطفال .
  • Review نوفوتيل مطار القاهرة by Sharika Marie
    83 من المراجعات |  قبل 8 سنوات
    The thing with hotels near the airport is that, you dont have to rush that much to catch your flight. We have stayed at Novotel for four days and had a pleasant stay. The room was average though, but clean, neat and maintained. they have a swimming pool and ample garden and small playground for kids. buffet breakfast is good as well. the staffs were very accommodating and responded well to our requests and inquiries. it was helpful that they have a cash machine and screens to show flight details/departure. price is reasonable, they have complimentary coaster at the airport to take you and from the hotel. as the hotel is situated at the airport, it is quite a distance from the city centre (or was it just the traffic that made me feel we are so far away from the metropolis). however, we found a supermarket nearby should you require some items (snacks, toiletries, etc). check in time is same as most hotels, which worked for us as just in time for flight arrival and departure. if you wish to enjoy the city and get a good view of the Nile, then do not opt here. I just did because it was close to the airport. We went on guided tours which made our trips from the hotel to the city / destination a bit longer, add to that the moderate traffic jam. Being outside the hotel most of the time, i could not really comment more. it is not bad but not highly recommended. i am certain that for the same price or a small difference, you will be able to find a hotel downtown. being close to the city will cut your travel time to your destination, adding to when going to the airport though.