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دبي - طريق الشيخ زايد

مول الامارات، الطابق الارضي
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  • Review ترايبس by Gail
    80 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    Tribes is located in the New Fashion Dome of Mall or the Emirates on the ground floor (04 395 0660).
    The marketing states "A Culinary celebration of Tribal Life". We were quite confused and didnt really know what to expect. The restaurant itself has been designed according to the theme and is quite impressive. Tribe is part of the same group that owns Meat Company. The menu is quite vast, but not much that jumps out at you to try. The food was quite good, but for a mall restaurant it is also very expensive and your money would be better spend in this price rage at a more private surroundings than in the main lobby of a mall. Main menu items average between AED 100-190ppm.