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  • Review فوكس سينما by Fawwaz
    50 من المراجعات |  قبل 7 سنوات
    Vox cinemas is incredible! Tickets are decently priced at 35 dirhams for a standard ticket, and the snack bar really is an experience in itself. Their choices, size options, and general taste are superb. Though you have the option of getting chicken nuggets, hot dogs, nachos, and more, I would say just get a popcorn, as you really won't find better tasting popcorn. The movie timings are great, and each cinema is of appropriate size. The sound and picture quality is amazing, and you really could fall asleep on those chairs. The only complaint I would have is the often disrespectful behavior of some movie goers, whether it be their talking or excessive use of telephones. Perhaps the cinema should do a better job of combatting such behavior. All in all though, I am yet to experience a better cinemas experience in the country, and pretty much any where iv'e been in the world.
  • Review فوكس سينما by Sharika Marie
    83 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    The audio and video quality at VOX cinemas are superb. The only thing that keeps it from getting a five star rating is their inability to prohibit or restrain movie goers who violate house rules. Strict implementation of rules should be observed, as courtesy to other watchers (switching off of mobile phones) and for safety (no smoking inside) reasons as well.
    VOX Cinema GOLD.. I have recently tried their GOLD cinema and must say it's good. A dedicated snack bar is at the door entrance of the cinema number. They have a wider variety of snacks as well, they even have mini burgers and hotdog sandwiches, they even have a few pasta and calamari that, quite a selection from their menu list. An attendant will greet you when you arrive and ask if you would like to order anything before proceeding inside to your seats. They have blankets for use as well (you are gonna need one). Seats are very comfortable, wide, reclining and you even have a table for your food. With a 32 seat capacity, it is obviously not crowded. Honestly, movie goers at GOLD are more quiet, in my opinion these people really pay a deal to enjoy the movie. A button to ring the snack bar is available at the your table and an attendant will be with you for your order or request. It is a bit pricey, triple of a 3D movie ticket. It is good to try at least once.
  • Review فوكس سينما by Marion
    22 من المراجعات |  قبل 9 سنوات
    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the movies, the quality of the sound, or the seating. Vox Cinemas are really listening to their customers and improving the overall movie experience.
    My issue with this cinema is that it's the one place in Abu Dhabi that you seldom enjoy the movie experience (which is expensive compared to other countries) People take out their bright phones all the time, make calls, answer calls, BBM and everything you can possibly do on a phone. Other than that, they make loud comments and are rude to anyone who asks them to keep quiet. I wish I could take all of them to Dubai to show them proper manners. I'd rather drive there to ever waste my money at this cinema. Parents with 5 year olds are also allowed to enter adult rated movies of 18 and up and nobody does something about this. Truly unacceptable.