Abu Dhabi - Al Salam Street

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  • Review SFC by Marlena
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Oh!SFC was and is still our family favourite place in this country since the past 22 years here.It was a favourite place for my daughter to play as a kid . She enjoyed the all pamphered Birthday parties she held there as a kid.Oh! the lovely Mississippi Pizzas with the garlic sauce ,& garlic bread !!!Combo's with the most delicious yet healthy rare salad varieties; we really adore!!!Oh !the best place for families,friends , hungry & playful kids to be!!!With mouth watering offers in galore and a favorite place for kids to play; .Come on SFC!!!Its got to be SFC!!!Oh!SFC is my choice & the NO.1 choice of kids too !!!The choice no other can beat!!!