Centro Yas Island Hotel
Centro Yas Island Hotel

Abu Dhabi - Yas Island

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Reviews (3)

  • Review Centro Yas Island Hotel by Mira
    49 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Considering this is a 3 star hotel, its unbelievably good. The staff are the nicest people, food is great. The rooms are great. Other than the fact that it's not a big hotel, but you can easily compare it to any 5 star hotel elsewhere.
  • Review Centro Yas Island Hotel by Sharika Marie
    83 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I agree with Marietta, for a 3 star hotel, it is impressive. The rooms have enough space, it is clean and is not pricey compared to other hotels in Yas Island. Indeed, the reservation staffs were very helpful. I have booked a room online on one travel website for the same day, however have not received the confirmation received on email within the hour. I have called their reservation to inquire if they have received my request, unfortunately has not come through their system during my time of inquiry. They have suggested that I make a booking thru phone (and i did) to ensure that I have the room ready when I arrive. What they did was, when they got my booking online (where payment has already been made), they cancelled the ones I made thru phone. When I arrived at the hotel, the same was confirmed to me. Upon checkout, I was surprised that it did not take that much time to check the room unlike with other hotels. You totally get your money's worth.
  • Review Centro Yas Island Hotel by marietta
    8 Reviews |  9 years ago
    a hotel that you wouldn't think it's only 3star...clean and new. reservation staff was so helpful that she even gave us the room with nice pool view. buffet breakfast has a wide selection, they will even cook your egg the way you want them! swimming pool was clean and not too crowded on a weekend, compared to other adjacent hotels that they were jampacked, you can't even think to swim. great value for money!