Chi Chi's
Chi Chi's

Abu Dhabi - Tourist Club Area

"1st Floor, Le Meridien Hotel, Street # 10"
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  • Review Chi Chi's by Sharika Marie
    83 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Food is just okay. The music and atmosphere is quite good as well, Mexican music and all. Customer service in general is good too. However, twice it happened with the same Filiipina waitress that made our visit quite unpleasant. Considering the restaurant is a bit fancier compared to others, I was not pleased how she speaks as if we cannot pay for our orders. Asking us twice if we wanted to order that much as it is expensive. But this was 3 years ago, I have not gone after being treated the same twice. Plus, there were other better places to go nowadays. There have smoking area and they serve alcoholic beverages, just to note.