Corniche Beach
Corniche Beach
Review Corniche Beach by Amer
5 Reviews |  9 years ago
It is the best ever. Clean, comfortable and equipped with all facilities. You will enjoy your time with your family. Plenty of activities are always there, and a nice route for bikes or skaters.

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  • Review Corniche Beach by Huzaif
    1 Reviews |  9 years ago
    In auh I think corniche is very useful n a well known place coz da environment ova thr is very clean, u can stay healthy by exercising in clean n fresh air n also by swimming. It is also useful for many events n functions lyk concerts, speed boat race, national day celebration etc. It is also a tourist spot which gets attention of many peopl visiting UAE. It is also very refreshing place for residents of auh.
  • Review Corniche Beach by Mohammad
    1 Reviews |  9 years ago

    As per my experience i found Corniche beach is a beach with International Standards. Its a very beautiful beach with submerged rock,erosion caused by tidal forces, with a top layer of beach sand equal to any internationally acclaimed beach.The Corniche is a long road that extends almost 4 miles from the Sheraton Hotel to the Hilton Hotel. There are several gardens lined all along the Corniche around the coastal boulevard that borders the city. i love the greenery and gardens and fountains, With the modern buildings facing the sea for the background, it is one of the most picturesque sites in Abu Dhabi.Corniche proves to a boon for one and all..... athletes who want to practice, families who want to relax and enable children to play in open space and for love pair who want some space in the open to spend time with each other. For cycling enthusiasts, a separate cycling track has been provided for. The Corniche is equipped with water and snack machine providing us an easy access to satiate their appetites. A clearly demarcated area for walking, playing beach volleyball, children's playgrounds, swimming area and toilet facilities as well.there are specified swimming areas defined which will be monitored by lifeguards. They will be trained and will be equipped with seven surveillance towers for the same. The central building in Corniche contains refreshment options , changing rooms and mosque for offering prayers.
  • Review Corniche Beach by Dana
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    All the places and streets in Abu dhabi have wonderful decorations for Ramadan which add to the effect of living this month and feeling difference than other days .. i love the street decorations across the city :)
  • Review Corniche Beach by rosh
    46 Reviews |  9 years ago
    One can't afford to miss it. You can enjoy, relax, eat,drink & play. If you are not up for a swim, you can still enjoy the beach front with varieties of restaurants and coffee shops.We often visit this place(Specialy for relaxation & to try different restaurants)& spent couple of hours.No charges for public beach,its free of cost.But one have to pay for family beach.
  • Review Corniche Beach by Niyaz
    18 Reviews |  9 years ago
    “The best place to have a coffe in the morning and it would really make your day. But know in this hot days you shouldn't be there…
    F1 car exibitiaon fabulous.. likes much,,,
  • Review Corniche Beach by Niyaz
    18 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Nice Place...
    ENJOY SNACKS AND MORNING TEA>>>> its COOL dont go in hot days,,, its phurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr valet parking good likes family n chidren enjoy secured place.
  • Review Corniche Beach by Allan
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Corniche beach is one of the most famous spot in Abu dhabi. You can't afford to miss it because it is just along corniche road. It is not just an ordinary beach for swimming. You can enjoy, relax, eat, play and even party out there.
    Corniche beach is divided into public and family area. You can enjoy public beach for free however no shower rooms available, only changing rooms. Unlike in Family area, you need to pay for only 5aed and you can have the complete amenities. On the other area of the beach, you can experience water sports like banana boat & jet ski. There's even volleyball courts available. During summer, it is best time to come in the morning wherein the water is warm and the weather is not so hot. If you are not up for a swim, you can still enjoy the beach front with varieties of restaurants and coffee shops to choose from. The children can enjoy biking while you are enjoying the sunset with the view of emirates palace. Corniche beach also hosts party, concerts and events. This is the best place to watch fireworks display during National day. I also got to see the F1 cars exhibit here last year and better watch out for upcoming concerts of international artist which are definitely free.
  • Review Corniche Beach by Mohammad
    56 Reviews |  9 years ago
    The best place to have a coffe in the morning and it would really make your day. But know in this hot days you shouldn't be there between 9am -4pm due to the high rates of uv that comes from the sun.
  • Review Corniche Beach by mmm
    28 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I love this beach, I mean come on who doesn't on a hot day, like the ones that are coming. Cold ice cream in the morning from cold-stone, and some pastry from saj to go. Then a swim in one of the best side-paved beaches...
  • Review Corniche Beach by Sundar
    22 Reviews |  9 years ago
    June is definitely the best month for beaching, the water is warm and the wind is refreshing, which is the perfect combination. The beach is very clean, safe and beautiful and the facilities and maintenance are remarkable. Thanks to the authorities!!!