El Sombrero Sheraton Abu Dhabi
El Sombrero Sheraton Abu Dhabi

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Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel & Resort - Corniche Road.
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Reviews (8)

  • Review El Sombrero Sheraton Abu Dhabi by Shaza
    62 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I'm a HUGE fan of mexican food and coming from the states this restaurant left a LOT to be desired. First of all, who serves a burrito with meat only inside and nothing on the side to go with it? So, I skipped that and went for the plain old tacos. Not a good idea either. The food wasn't disgusting of anything but in my opinion it just wasn't good either. And most certainly wasn't worth the price we payed.
    I honestly hated my experience..the service was horrible and the food was just ok..infact the vegeterian quesadillas i had was too spicy for my liking. They brought the wrong order twice to my table and couldn't be bothered to apologize. Even before leaving, I had to wait about 20 minutes to get my debit card back! Overall I wouldnt reccomend this restaurant to anyone!!
  • Review El Sombrero Sheraton Abu Dhabi by tamer
    11 Reviews |  9 years ago
    The decor at El Sombrero is a blend of modern and traditional. The service is good and, overall, the ambience is warm and inviting. Early-evening dining is quiet and restrained, but later on, when the band starts up, there’s more of a carnival atmosphere. There are three smaller rooms off the main lounge that can accommodate eight-10 people each, and are ideal for parties.
    At El Sombrero the meal starts with the obligatory chips and salsa, which are crisp and crunchy, the salsa sharp and piquant. It also comes with a delicious warm bean dip and a good helping of sour cream, and second helpings are available from the friendly waiters on request. Appetisers include nachos, quesadillas and tacos, but the best bet is to go for a little of everything with the El Sombrero’s fiesta platter. For mains, the restaurant serves authentic enchiladas de mole, a traditional Aztec dish of shredded chicken rolled in flour tortillas, with mole sauce containing dry and fresh Mexican chilis, spices, nuts and chocolate. It looks like a dessert but it’s certainly different. More mundane are the beef, chicken or shrimp burritos, but the portions are generous. Sizzling steaks are another popular choice here
  • Review El Sombrero Sheraton Abu Dhabi by Aleen
    18 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Loved it! I'm not normally a fan of soup, but their nacho soup is something beyond love. Filled with crunchy nacho curls and shredded chicken with a tomato base.
    I also had their rocca salad with pine nuts, which really hit the spot. I have a special place in my tummy for pine nuts. By this time I hadn't gotten around to the main course coz I was so stuffed on their bottomless chips n dip (dips are good, mildy spicy salsa and bean dip. but their sour cream is basically just labneh...boo!) Service was friendly, albeit a little slow. Atmosphere is fun when they have a live band playing. But I don't recommend getting a private room because the doors close, but it's basically as useful as a net (tiny windows with no glass) and the table is far too round and big to have a decent conversation with anyone other than the people right next to you. Price? Depends on your order. I only spent around 100++
  • Review El Sombrero Sheraton Abu Dhabi by Mais
    29 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Not bad but not great. Maybe I tried the wrong thing (enchiladas mole) but I expected better, honestly.
    The band is a bit loud, and it's difficult to have a decent conversation - again, maybe I was sitting at the wrong table...still... The service was good though, so props for that, and I like the overall theme, even if it's not as cozy as one would like.
  • Review El Sombrero Sheraton Abu Dhabi by Ahmad
    32 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Now I'm as much a fan of Mexican food as the next guy, but I have one problem with this place...if you're trying to be authentic, try using Spanish on the menu, not Spanglish! "Enchiladas con queso Pepper Jack"...that's just funny sounding!
    Prices are 5-star fair, and this place has been around so long, they know what they're doing. Aces.
  • Review El Sombrero Sheraton Abu Dhabi by Hana
    34 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Chimichangas! Chimi-chimic-chimi-chimi-chimichangas!
    I have nothing else to say. Except how awesome are chimichangas?? I don't know anywhere else in town that does them (deep-fried burritos, for the culinary-impaired...now do you understand why I'm so excited?) Oh and the drinks are fun. Careful, though, either I'm a lightweight or they make them strong ;)
  • Review El Sombrero Sheraton Abu Dhabi by Alia
    10 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Lovely atmosphere. I'll take anywhere that has live music in a heartbeat, and the band isn't half bad...albeit a little cheesy, but still good.
    I do recommend it for anyone with an appetite for Mexican, food's great and service is good. It's a little pricey for Mexican food but, come on, it's the Sheraton!
  • Review El Sombrero Sheraton Abu Dhabi by Mubarak
    25 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Live music is always fun, unless you’re sitting right by the band, and since the restaurant is not that big, you’re almost inevitably right by the band. Still, they don’t do a bad job at all in adding that Mexican touch :)
    The chimichangas are drool-worthy, and are missing in other Mexican restaurants, so thank you El Sombrero. I also tried enchiladas mole…you’ve gotta be brave to take on a sauce like that, so make sure you have enough rice on the side! I hear the drinks are pretty good too