Ibrahimi Restaurant
Ibrahimi Restaurant

Abu Dhabi - Zayed 1st Street

near hamid center
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Reviews (6)

  • Review Ibrahimi Restaurant by As
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    Perfect website and interaction
  • Review Ibrahimi Restaurant by
    1 Reviews |  5 years ago
    انا ساكن في عمارت هذا المكان
  • Review Ibrahimi Restaurant by Muhammad
    9 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Ohh i love Ibrahimi food, and specially its serve indian buffet and some arabic food also , salad, kabab, and indian sweets too, for the ramadan iftaar ohh its really amazing experience, i often went there for dinner and after ramadan i done once iftar there, its lovly place...
  • Review Ibrahimi Restaurant by Al harth
    14 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Its between "Good" and "Not Bad". I visited it one time, there is some positives and some nigatives things. Its hard to find a parking. the quality of food is good, and you can see their food by menu. you will not wait long to take your order. that is only what i know about it.
  • Review Ibrahimi Restaurant by Marion
    22 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Okay, I'm not getting engaged in this restaurant as it's maybe just not the right setting, but you've got to give Ibrahimi one big thumbs up when it comes to lamb chops. By far the best tasting lamb chops I've found in the city in 3 years.
    If ambience and five star service isn't everything to you, you will enjoy the dining experience.
  • Review Ibrahimi Restaurant by Tareq
    27 Reviews |  9 years ago
    well this place is good, budget friendly and suitable mainly for bachelors, they have various dishes, and their prices are cheap, although the atmosphere is not very cool, but you just go there to eat, not to hang out! I only love the Tikka there and Hommos.