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  • Review IlForno by Ayah
    176 Reviews |  3 years ago
    Typical Italian, fresh, clean and delicious. Pink sauce Penne Pasta with chicken is great and the lasagna is delicious as well.
  • Review IlForno by Ahmed
    2 Reviews |  4 years ago
    مطعم متخصص في المعكرونه ولكنه صغير ولكن الطعام لذيذ والمكان صغير والديكور جميل
  • Review IlForno by Tareq
    27 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Its a good place to grab a slice of pizza or rizotto ... I tried it a couple of times and have never experienced any problems with them, I go to the Abu Dhabi mall branch by the way!
    they are not WOW!! but they are good, you only comment it when you give it a try one day!
  • Review IlForno by Rodolfo
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    The food is not that bad. We ordered pepperoni pizza and spaghetti and I can say its just average taste and not that superb italian taste. Service is quite good and fast. Overall average!
  • Review IlForno by Elena
    7 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Yesterday It was our first time to have a meal at this place and probably the last. Guys, this place calls itself a restaurant, but it is even worse than any fast food establishment, trust me. They occupy nice area at Abu Dhabi Mall, have their own terrace, but the food is so basic, I swear. We ordered spaghetti carbonara and another seafood dish with black pasta plus a caesar salad. The main course laked any Italian flavor, it actually lacked any flavour, even sault. My impression about spaghetti carbonara is that they just boiled pasta in water, then opened a can of cream, poured over pasta, stirred and voila! The same thing about the other dish. Caesar salad .. the ready made dressing you find in any supermarket is much better than at Il Forno. I wanted to have ice tea, got it. It was 50/50 diluted with water! Lipton one in a can is much better and cheaper. Total waste of money, believe me, any Italian fastfood place like Sbaro is much-much better. Customer service is also not that good, the waitress brought for us the cutlery and just dropped close to the edge of the table, didn't bother to place it in front of each one of us... The supervisor, however, was very patient to all our complaints, and even asked us to write all our negative experience to the owner, which I of course did.
    I woudn't recommend Il Forno, doesn't worth the money at all, for the same amount we dined recently at "Chilli's" and enjoyed it indeed!