La Mamma
La Mamma

Abu Dhabi - Tourist Club Area

"Lobby Level, Sheraton Abu Dhabi Hotel and Resort, East Corniche Road"
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Reviews (3)

  • Review La Mamma by Kende Aron
    3 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Located in the side of Sheraton Abu Dhabi, lies La mamma. Its not so extensive, but the food there is quality food. Any Italian food you can imagine, they've got it. They also offer a variety of alcoholic beverages,and pork meat, (whichmight be a problemfor some.) Its comfortable, cosy, decorated with objects that highlightthe italianfeeling. Of course, it is clean too, (even the air, since there is no smoking.) Waiters are just like the restaurant, perfect, well prepared, and well-looking. Great place for families, or just couples.
  • Review La Mamma by Mais
    29 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Great, authentic Italian dining.
    The decor is really homey, and it honestly feels like "Mamma's" place :) I know the red and white checkers have been over done a little bit but I wouldn't change a thing! Prices are a hotel-worthy but worth every penny!
  • Review La Mamma by Ahmad
    32 Reviews |  9 years ago
    my family have been coming here every eid for years...this place is never a let-down. Always authentic, and always delicious!
    and for a restaurant in a 5 star hotel, it really just feels homey and comfortable.