Review McDonald's by piyush
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Mcdonalds. Great place for buying fastfoods such as burgers,drinks, ice creams, breakfast[ you seriously get break fast over there :)],etc,etc. When you go there, you will be greeted by the cheerful and co-operative staff. Every branch of mcdonalds is well designed with beautiful interiors. The menu now even has more items to choose from. Start with a pizza mcpuff, then go for something big such as BIG MAC, MCROYALE(TAKE THE BIGGEST ONE), MCCHICKEN,and those who are vegetarians can have 2 options:
1) cheese burger/double cheese burger 2 veg burger/the bigger veg burger There is something for kids too. They can have the kids meal(10 dhs),plus they will become more happier with the toy they get with kids meal. I f you still have space in your tummy, you can go for desserts such as: 1) Sundae( 3 flavours are available) 2)vanilla/choclate ice cream(in cone) 3) ice cream made from oreo/kit kat Tip: I f you order some non- veg item, the sundae ice cream with it makes a deadly combo.

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