Petroleum Institute
Petroleum Institute

Abu Dhabi - Mussaffah

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  • Review Petroleum Institute by Blue
    7 Reviews |  9 years ago
    The place is Great!! Don't hear what lazy people say about it! I know most of the security procedures are unnecessary, I'm studying at the females' campus and we go through more security procedures than what the boys go through, we don't even have housing for female students at all! I originally live in Al Ain, but it's actually worth the trouble of renting a house or a room in another university dorm to study at the PI. Many qualified instructors work there, and they come from all over the world. The PI is seeking the ABET accreditation, and they will probably get it. I know we undergo a lot of stress, but I still think it's all worth it. The contract with ADNOC guarantees your future job! and who wouldn't like getting a job immediately after they graduate??!!
    All students get a scholarship once they are admitted. Emarati students get monthly salaries and rewards per semester depending on their semester's GPA. In general, if you don't like to study MATH or SCIENCE, then simply don't APPLY!! and vise-verse.
  • Review Petroleum Institute by mmm
    28 Reviews |  9 years ago
    In my opinion this place is a bit over-rated. The security is way to much, the procedures are all unnecessary. You have to sign a contract to work with adnoc for 5 years. You can't find a bedroom there if you live in abu dhabi. The education is strict, but it doesn't get any results, it only wares the students out.
  • Review Petroleum Institute by Moemen
    3 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Programs Available:
    Arts & Sciences Chemical Engineering Electrical Engineering Materials Science & Engineering Mechanical Engineering Petroleum Engineering Petroleum Geosciences 1- For UAE nationals: Minumum average of 75% (Thanaweya A'amah) Or British Curriculum (five GCSE subjects (inclusive of Math + Physics + Chemistry) and two AS/A level subjects (inclusive of Math + Physics or Chemistry) with minimum C grade in all seven subjects. But for Non-UAE nationals: Minimum average of 95.0% (Thanawiah A'amah) Or British Curriculum five GCSE subjects (inclusive of Math + Physics + Chemistry) and two AS/A level subjects (inclusive of Math + Physics or Chemistry) with minimum A grade in all seven subjects. Both Need Minimum score of TOEFL (iBT 79 or PBT 550) or Academic IELTS 6.5 Admission Starts on 19th of June 2-Mainly you sign a contract with the petroleum institute to work 5 years with ADNOC group of companies after graduating. Eg. NDC, ADCO & ZADCO 3-It's classes start from 8 am till 7 max (based on your schedule). 4- Studying is not easy in any college yet in the petroleum institute its more challenging as they always require lots of projects, quizes, Presentations and Posters. (They prepare you well to be a hard worker) Good luck Joining the petroleum institute. PS: I am a student there!