Dubai - Mirdif

1st Floor,Mirdif City Center,Emirates Road,Mirdif.
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  • Review Playnation by Neha
    4 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I wish today sir Issac Newton was alive to do this wonderful Ifly experience at Mirdiff city centre. He would enjoy it so much, that he will not mind his theory being proved wrong.
    Honestly, this ifly zone is one amazing antigravity place, where our dream of flying actually comes true. Me and my two teen terror kids marched towards (in car obviously) to Mirdiff city centre. We went straight to enrol ourselves for one experiece of ifly. I think for one person 's experience the charges are around 130 to 150 Dhms, maybe you will find it is bit high....but flying high is a priceless experience too. we get into our special flying gear with special helmet, shoes, and goggles to protect you from heavy wind from fans.....which is actually gonna keep you in air , flying like a bird. Then we are guided to training room , where a friendly trainer gives us training how to fly, YES, you actually get training to fly. He will say you some sign language to keep you afloat, when he raises his thumb means legs bent and so on signals. He tells our posture of body and with all instructions...we are lovingly pushed into a high room or very high cubicle where Heavy fans are there to keep you afloat. No it is not dangerous at everything is soft around, Fans too have protective soft covering. so no chances of getting safe is what ifly believes in. so after being pushed inside my instuctor too joins in too help me....with his help I am able to fly high, but when I am left alone he give me signals from out of the cubicle to tell me how my body posture should be....I Have big difficulty in actually flying, as I was a learner still . But I must say here I was cheeks were compressed from heavy air, you have got to see dvd and photos which I got after this wonderful experience....ofcourse they charge you extra for that. But in short you got to exprience this ifly thing. It is awesome ....I can go on and on, but I leave you to write here your experience .
  • Review Playnation by FARSHAD
    1 Reviews |  9 years ago
    iFLY Dubai
    iFLY Dubai offers you an unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience. They have experienced flight instructors who gives you one-on-one instruction on how different body positions control how you fly inside the tunnel. You will receive free complimentary actual skydive gear rental and the actual flight experience at one-tenth of the cost of a tandem jump but with much longer freefall time! iFLY Dubai is safe for kids, challenging for adults, exciting for teens and realistic for Skydivers.
  • Review Playnation by Fatima
    35 Reviews |  9 years ago
    UAE's first indoor skydiving experience located in Mirdif City Center, You start with safety instruction briefing for about 15 mins then you are handed over the costume that you have to wear and you enter the chamber where you are taken for 2 flights with the instructor (low level on your own with assistance, and high level with instructor holding on).Each flight is less than 5 mins but if you are enjoying the experience then you can pay for extra airtime. The instructor shows off a bit then you exit the chamber. you have to pay extra to get photos or dvd but mu mum could take alot of photos & video of me & my sister from outside the chamber.
    price is 195DHS or more
  • Review Playnation by piyush
    27 Reviews |  9 years ago
    iFLY uses wind technology to provide the most safest and realistic skydiving experience possible ( I SERIOUSLY MEAN THAT )!!
    There are 2 huge fans of 800 horse power, and are connected to a powerful turbine that produces upto 200kph, allowing participants to experience the thrill of freefall without even jumping from a plane. Those who are afraid of heights will surely like this!! Flyers are provided with an awesome looking jump suit, helmet, goggles. Those who have not tried this ever before, dont worry, there are instructors who will make you a professional in freefall and skydiving. IT IS THE FLIGHT EXPERIENCE OF A LIFETIME.
  • Review Playnation by farah
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    new idea very creative and of course full of excitement and entertainment who thought that someday you can fly on earth . also my kids love it and they ask me to go to it everyday
  • Review Playnation by Shweta
    18 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Amazing place should definately go... The instructor was fantastic.I flew for two minutes and Now I am looking for sky dive as I enjoyed it completely :)