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  • Review Sharaf DG by Mohammed hamdan
    8 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Sharaf dg is one of my favourite electronic shopping destination.i first came to dubai,wen i got my first salary i planned to buy a good cellphone.,but dint know wer shud i get it from.den one of my frnd told me abt sharaf dg.i den went to deira city centre sharaf dg branch..wen i got der i jst cudnt decide which one to buy.der r soo many great deals.den i askd one of the attendant to help me make a choice.wid their help i made my mind on which one to buy..v get stuffs wid gud reasonable price also..the service they giv and the way they treat their customers is really awesome.. i often visit sharaf dg nw,weather to buy a laptop,mobyl,video games or any home appliances i prefer sharaf dg..sharaf dg is the one stop shoppin destination for electronics...
  • Review Sharaf DG by piyush
    27 Reviews |  9 years ago
    SHARAF DG, THE ONE-STOP SHOP FOR ALL YOUR ELECTRONIC NEEDS!! Sharaf dg stores are very huge and well designed, especially the times square centre branch. The wide variety of appliances and gadgets available will surely put you in deep trouble: "which one to buy??".. The staff are well-groomed with yellow uniforms, have impressive personality and well informed about every gadget they offer. If you have any questions such as "which laptop is better for me according to my.......job" or "which is better from these both", do not hesitate. Ask them them and they will give you good advice. Another good thing about sharaf dg is that there deals are one of a kind. For eg: if sharaf dg does not have an electronic which another company showroom has, then sharaf dg will give you that electonic gadget for free!!! WITH OVER 500 BRANDS AND GREAT DEALS, SHARAF DG IS MY FAVOURITE SHOP FOR ALL MY ELECTRONIC NEEDS !!
  • Review Sharaf DG by Jeffrey
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    For a techie guy like me, seeing sharaf dg is a must at leat once a week! sharaf just keep me inform of everything regarding technology. i always entice myself of what is the latest, they offer a wide array of stuffs, aside from that, i enjoy conversing and sharing my thoughts with their salesman, sn informative discussion that would end up me wanting to buy their product! :)
  • Review Sharaf DG by Nikhar
    14 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Sharaf DG is the place i was looking for many years.. its like dream come true.. One destination with everything which i always wanted to have.. now i just shop from here whatever i want & i get it right away.. Thank you Sharaf DG. Good Luck for the future.
  • Review Sharaf DG by Rach
    12 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Sharaf DG is a good place to shop, I found what I was looking for on the site, and the price was lower than the competitors, which is always a plus. And my order arrived about a week before it said I would get it. So overall highly satisfied.
  • Review Sharaf DG by Mirza
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    A great place to find and buy new electronics. The Workers cope a lot and.. interestingly many new gadgets and laptops are present in this shop. I mainly visit the DCC and Sheikh Zayed outlet malls.. prices are cheap .. and of course Extreamly good quality