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The Meat Master
The Meat Master

Amman - Sweifieh

Al-Sultan Complex - Bldg no. 33 Nakeeb Umran Al Maayta Street Sweifyeh - Amman Jordan
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Reviews (10)

  • Review The Meat Master by Omar
    174 Reviews |  4 years ago
    We ordered sushi from this place. Didn't know they offered it before. The quality of the fish is great but the other components are ok.
  • Review The Meat Master by Dima
    1 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Best meat ever, fresh and well prepared for cooking.
  • Review The Meat Master by Ali
    8 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Very high quality of meat and burgers
  • Review The Meat Master by Yasmin
    12 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Best meat in town- very nice staff and they deliver!!
  • Review The Meat Master by Lana
    2 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Got burger meat. I love it
  • Review The Meat Master by Leen
    2 Reviews |  6 years ago
    No review available here.....
  • Review The Meat Master by Bassil H.
    4 Reviews |  6 years ago
    I tried the Angus burger, and it was very delicious and tender and juicy !!
  • Review The Meat Master by Mais
    121 Reviews |  7 years ago
    We decided to order a cooked turkey for Christmas Eve this year instead of home cooking it, after going through many options and many many offers , we finally agreed on this place after hearing many great reviews about it. I am happy to say we were not disappointed at all! The turkey was amazing and so were the condiments that came with it. The staff were very friendly and I got a professional service, what makes this even greater is their prices, very reasonably priced relative to other similar places.
  • Review The Meat Master by Saad
    53 Reviews |  8 years ago
    If you're looking to make american food (burgers and steaks) this is the butchery to go to! Honestly I only tried the burger meat there, but I saw the steak cuts and they look right, T-bone, New York strip...etc. They even have kobe beef. For the burgers, they have 2 kinds, half pounders and normal. I personally prefer a double from the normal, it simply tastes better when you grill it (they put different seasonings inside) Talking about seasonings, they get seasonings fromt the States, they even have my favorite (Montreal Steak Seasoning) I'm not very familiar with Jordanian prices, but I found it average given the quantity I bought. Last but not least, they're fridge has all kinds of frozen foods...etc. The cheese is good. Bottom line, take your time while searching the fridge. This place is simply the best butchery for American bbq.
  • Review The Meat Master by Lina
    63 Reviews |  8 years ago
    مرة وحدة رحت عليه ببداية رمضشان و ان شاء الله برجع لأنه التجربة موفقة المحل نظيف و كتيير مرتب و كلاس كتيير بتنسى انك داخل على ملحمة هو عبارة عن متجر للحوم و اي شي يتعلق بطبخ اللحوم و فيو انواع مختلفة من اللحوم و الدواجن و الأسماك الطازجة و المجمدات من اماكن مختلفة من العالم خاصة من امريكا على ما اعتقد , بس بصراحة كل شي عنده بشهي و عنده بهارات متنوعة جديدة و غريبة بس لسه ما جربتها و اجبان متنوعة أنا جربت الستيك من عندهم كتيييير طيبة و طرية كتييير ما غلبتني بالطبخ ابدا الأسعار غااااااالية كتييير طبعا نحنا بنحكي عن لحوم, بس بتستحق انك تجربه , بس اللحوم و الأكلات اللي معدة للطبخ تعتبر معتدلة زي السكلوبات و التشيكن الاكيف و المشروم المحشي و غيره و سمعت انه صار عندهم همبرجر خالي من الدهون ان شاء الله قريبا جدا بدي أجربه على الفطور و بحكيلكم عنه. بنصح الذهاب اليه لأنه تجربة حلوة و غريبة انه تلاقي ملحمة بهيك نظافة و ترتييب و تنوع