inside noodle house
The Noodle House
The Noodle House

Abu Dhabi - Al Wahda Mall

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  • Review The Noodle House by Sharika Marie
    83 Reviews |  8 years ago
    Noodle House offers Asian cuisine which includes wet & fried noodles, dim sum, roasted duck and other beef, chicken and prawn dishes and appetizers; offering fruit juices, hot and cold beverages and a few mocktails. The interiors of the place is simple and minimal and clean; with their kitchen in view. You will be greeted by a staff at the entrance and direct you to seats; they are helpful and cheerful. They have delivery services, I am unsure though if they have takeaway services but they must have. As there are long and spacious tables; this is good for a big group or for families. No valet parking but being situated at the mall, it has ample parking space at higher floors. Tried their roasted duck, singapore noodles, teriyaki beef, prawn bags and siew mai; very tasty and spices are good and food is cooked perfectly, at least to my desire. Prices are competitive, however serving size is smaller :)) i give it an average rating. Although am always happy during my visits, there are still areas for improvement, perhaps the menu, serving size, atmosphere (it seems just so quiet not that it is bad, of course you'd want to dine in peace but was hoping for a more cheerful and friendlier atmosphere). Serving time is acceptable.