Thirty 1st
Thirty 1st

Abu Dhabi - Al Reehan

Holiday Inn Abu Dhabi
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  • Review Thirty 1st by Marion
    22 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Abu Dhabi has more than enough fancy bars and restaurants to show off with, but few actually remember that they're working with real humans and the 'bling bling' overshadows the heart. I've never here (or any other place in the world) felt more special than the way 31st Bar made me feel last week. Not only were they friendly and kind, but also extremely professional. Even my friends asked me if I had invested in the Holiday Inn, because they've never been treated in such a VIP manner ever.
    The drinks are similar prices to most bars in Abu Dhabi and the view from the top is just grand. You can really see a good angle of the Capital Gate building (aka leaning tower of Abu Dhabi)