Union Cooperative Society
Union Cooperative Society

Dubai - Al Wasl

Street # 308
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Reviews (5)

  • Review Union Cooperative Society by Maura
    18 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I like to shop at Union Co-operative society because they offer quality products at reasonable prices. Their prices are the most competitive and they always have great deals, especially during Ramadan, it would be hard to beat their prices at other supermarkets. They offer a lot of local produce which is good and helps to keep prices down. I find their fruit and vegetable very fresh, cheaply priced and seem to last longer, than a lot of fruit/vegetables that I buy from other supermarkets. Meat and fish are also well priced and very fresh. They also have good deals on electronics and home appliances. I would recommend Union Co-operative Society to anyone who wants to shop and get quality products at competitive prices.
  • Review Union Cooperative Society by Khursheed
    9 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Uni-Cop is the best place to shop your ramadan shopping, there you could find all and all what you desire, is marvelous place, you feel comfortable to buy your things and its great place
  • Review Union Cooperative Society by naheed
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    it has a large area of parking.
    it has all kinde of items. it opens 24 hours . its prices are very reasonable. we can get all house hold things in a single place/ ite staff service is very good .
  • Review Union Cooperative Society by Rach
    12 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Great locations, prices, wide variety of vegetables, fruits, other food items, also house range of electronics. Very friendly staff always helpful. best offers every day...
  • Review Union Cooperative Society by Hamza
    6 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Big and always has a huge selection of products, including dates from across the Middle East. Good value. It is clean and the salespeople are always helpful too.