Union Cooperative Society
Union Cooperative Society

Dubai - Al Muhaisnah

"Ground Floor, Etihad Mall, Al Khawaneej Road 1"

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  • Review Union Cooperative Society by Sana
    1 Reviews |  9 years ago
    I realize supermarkets aren't venues that are usually reviewed (I mean, who checks out ratings for a hypermarket before shopping there?!) but I had such a stellar experience with this branch that I had to tell the world about it!
    We've been loyal customers with Union Co-operative for almost 20 years now, working our way through branches depending on the area of Dubai we were living in. For Mirdif residents, this (relatively) new branch has been a blessing, and it is often much easier to just head on down here rather than wade through crowds to get to Carrefour in the nearby City Centre. Union Co-op caters predominantly to an Emirati clientele, with special loyalty programs tailored purely for locals (and those too only Dubai ones - Abu Dhabi residents not welcome!). You still find all kinds of people doing their groceries at this location and it is never too crowded. Prices are consistent with other branches around town. The ladies at the cash counters are VERY friendly and if you can spare them a smile, they'll be really nice and speed you through checkout while making small talk. The only problem I had were the bag-boys :( I understand that these guys are stressed out, living mainly off tips and working 12 hour days. I sympathize with them. However, here's the problem: wearing jeans and a t-shirt? Unload your goods onto the cashier conveyer yourself. Look Arab? They will unload your trolleys for you on top of everything else they already do. I understand that this is not the norm - most places don't offer that service at all! My complaint was this - do it for everyone or do it for no one. I raised this 'complaint' in a very friendly manner via a suggestion form at the information counter and left (after tipping the nice gentleman helping us, of course) thinking it wouldn't really make any difference. Next day, I got a call from a very helpful Customer Service Supervisor promising to look into it! That was the biggest surprise - GOOD customer service in Dubai!
  • Review Union Cooperative Society by Farhana
    9 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Union Co-Operative which is newly open in Etihad Mall Is the biggest grocery store of Union Coop So far Now.
    It had wide area..The Trolleys are Clean and neat not like (carrefour broken Trolleys)and No 1Dh policy.The one Think i Like they also have cute little small trolleys for children,My daughter love to shop for herself. They have wide place and everything is available there whatever u need..everything is in order and the important thing is that it is not so much crowded.They also have sharaf DJ store adjacent with there store.They have everything Except furniture section.Customer Service is so active.U can Find a parking easily there..But On weekend its hard.they don't offer valet parking there.Prices are so good at Union Co-operative and the best thing u can find fresh vegetables+Fruits there.There is also a counter of Fresh spices and Dry fruits.They also have in House bakery.You also have snacks there like sandwiches+Ice creams.Fresh small Pizzas+Small Shawarmas And many More they are so delicious and the one thing which is must have for me when ever i visited there is the freshly live cooked Chicken Cheese Bread+ Simple Cheese Bread+Zatar Bread Yumm Yumm Its delicious and its only available in Etihad mall Union Co-Operative its Cost 8Dh Only.Not a bad Deal For delicious Bread.I do my Monthly Grocery from Union Co-Operative and strongly recommend it to everyone.If U want to do monthly groceries without any hassle u must visit this place.