VOX Cinemas
VOX Cinemas

Dubai - Mirdif

Mirdif City Centre, Emirates Road
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Reviews (10)

  • Review VOX Cinemas by Layla
    11 Reviews |  4 years ago
    اي حد يحب يعرف مواعيد الأفلام حاطينها في موقعهم http://www.citycentremirdif.com/ar/entertainment/vox-cinemas
  • Review VOX Cinemas by مصطفى
    26 Reviews |  6 years ago
    Well organized, comforting chairs. The 4DX was not that great! It's usually nice to buy something from the cafe nearby.
  • Review VOX Cinemas by Saif
    3 Reviews |  7 years ago
    باختصار شديد انه مكان رائع ونظيف
  • Review VOX Cinemas by Amna
    26 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Vox cinema gives you great opportunities to attend premieres, as well as having a fun time with your family and friends. There price recently increased from 30 to 35 dhs, but i think it is worth it.
  • Review VOX Cinemas by niraj
    1 Reviews |  9 years ago
    just in simple word , perfect place for entertainment. every weekend i check the new movie release and me and my family go for the movie. everything perfect in vox.
  • Review VOX Cinemas by S
    30 Reviews |  9 years ago
    "i wanna escape to the movies , cinestar that's what i want want want want ! "- i hope that's the right lyrics for it ........ CINESTAR , i have such great fond memories there , i love this cinema !
    okay first of their service is good when taking in account the rush and buzz they have to handle everyday and specially in the weekends. the tickets are in a standard price like all the cinemas in UAE. They try to help everyone as much as possible. though the queues sometimes are long and stressful special if your behind someone who still cant decide what movie to watch and taking alot of our time. but when you get that ticket , you forget about all the stress and you look forward to the movie your about to watch.now before we enter the cinema we usually get some snacks from the snack bar available .the snack bar has everything you need from pop corn to nachos to frozen coke and much more but the prices their are very high .inside the theater room where you will watch the movie of your choice , first thing you will notice is how clean and odorless the cinema is . the seats are relaxing and the atmosphere is good so you will feel quiet comfortable. they even have restrooms inside the cinema incase you had too much of the super sized coke you ordered.:) SO don't forget to enjoy the laughs , scares , and drama the movie and cinema provide !
  • Review VOX Cinemas by piyush
    27 Reviews |  9 years ago
    vox cinemas (previously known as cinestar cinemas) is the most rated destination for watching movies by all the movie buffs whom i know. So i decided to try it out and went to watch "LIMITLESS" at vox cinemas in mirdiff city centre. I was very impressed because:
    1) ticket is well priced ( 30 dhs) 2) theatre is big and spacious. 3) leg room is enough 4) seats are comfortable, can be bent backwards also. 5) popcorn,nachos,etc are tasty and value for money. 6) 3-D shows are also good.
  • Review VOX Cinemas by Arooj
    5 Reviews |  9 years ago
    Cinestar always offer wonderful movies with great comfy atmosphere. Staff is helpful and guide where nedded, seating arrangement is very nice and price is in range and sound system is very good for full funtertainment one can visit VOX:)...it also keeps their fan happy by offering free tickets n merchandise you guys rock:d
  • Review VOX Cinemas by heide
    13 Reviews |  9 years ago
    After a long week from work, i and my husband always finds time to enjoy and entertain ourselves by going out on a movie date once in a while. He always want to watch movies at Cinestar cinemas because he said it has the cleanest place and comfortable seats. I agree with him and also, the staff that you have to deal with was so friendly and accommodating. Can't wait for our next movie date at Cinestar Cinema!!
  • Review VOX Cinemas by Danya
    11 Reviews |  9 years ago
    This new cinema at Merdif City Center is the best in Dubai..The seats are very comfortable,the popcorn with all flavours are the best.They also the best chocolate pancakes:-))And the best thing it is not so crowded like rest of Dubai Cinemas where u set back,relax and enjoy your movie.:-))