Womens Private Beach

Abu Dhabi - corniche Road

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  • Review Womens Private Beach by Ayah
    172 Reviews |  3 years ago
    حلو بس مش نظيف بالمرة الدخولية سعرها عادي بس الماي وسخة وفي كتير ناس والمكان صغير
  • Review Womens Private Beach by shaima
    4 Reviews |  9 years ago
    this place is very nice for the women because they can swim in it free without any man,but i want to tell you about my memory in this place,i went with my family and our friend their and start to swim in the sea but i dont know how to swim because i was 9 years,so i wear the swimming wear(awama)to swim and enter the sea,after that one of our friend told me to give her the swimming wear(awama) to swim and she is bigger than me so i gave her(awama)and start to swim,while i was swimming i surprised me dont touch the ground and tried to catch(awama)from my friend but she droped my hand and i was being up & down in the sea until my mother shown me and went quickly to the sea to bring me from the sea.from this moment i dont like sea and swim.