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  • Review by Aya of Burj Al Hamam
    7 years ago
    Im a really big fanj of burj al hamam food, but it was my first time trying the dead sea branch the food was delicious, the usual lebanese mezzah, fattoush, tabouleh.... they were excellent, we ordered mashawi it was good too but the portions are so small, we ordered mashawi for four adults and what we get could not feed 2!! adding to this dissapointment the service was too slow, it took the 20 min to serve the appetizers the interior is very beautiful, the inside and outside seating overseas the sea and the view is spectacular during the sunset I still like amman branch more!
  • Review by Aya of Tkyit Um Ali
    7 years ago
    اتطوعت مع تكية ام علي في رمضان, كانت تجربة رائعة جدا مبنى التكية كتير مرتب وموظفين التكية بهتموا بالمتطوع من وقت ما يفوت و بعرفوا على اعمال التكية المختلفة على مدار السنة و بياخدوك بجولة داخل التكية و بتلاحظ النظافة في كل مكان و الناس اللي بيشتغلو هناك, بيشتغلوا عنجد ليساعدو غيرهم. اجا وقت الافطار و قمنا بالمساعدة بسكب الاكل للناس المحتاجة, الوجبة تتكون من وجبة اساسية ارز لحمة دجاج او سمك و سلطة و تمر و ماء و حلو و فواكة مقدمة لكل شخص الاكل كتير نظيف و كتير زاكي و كان كل شي منظم بشكل رائع اكيد رح ارجع اتطوع معهم لانها تجربة كتير حلوة
  • Review by Aya of Ponderosa Steakhouse
    7 years ago
    جربت المكان اول مرة قبل يومين...حبيت القعدة كتير رايقة و الديكور حلو اول ما تفوت المطعم اصحاب المحل بيجوا برحبوا فيك و هادا الشي كتير حلو المطعم بيقدم بوفيه مفتوح بقيمو جيد, السلطات بحاجة لشوية تنويع بانسبة للاصناف الرئيسية اكتر شي حبيتو النودلز و الدجج مع السوس الابيض..بس كان لازم يحطوا اسماء الاكلات اللي ما حبيتها البطاطا الودجز كانت ناشفة!! صراحة انا ما جربت الستيك اذن ما بقدر احكم بس من ردود الفعل حسيت انو الستيك العادي ازكى من اللي مع فطر
  • Review by Aya of Orchid Flowers
    7 years ago
    i dealt with this place while helping my friend prepare her wedding the employees are so helpful, the sales person showed us samples and made it clear that everything could be changed according to your taste. after choosing your favorite sample he sits up a table in front of the client for a preview and starts to give you advice's about adding candles or any sort of accessories, he dont force you to go with anything he says...at the end its up to you! prices are so good even much cheaper than other flower shops, and getting better results
  • Review by Aya of Sufra
    7 years ago
    I went there for dinner, the place serves Jordanian food and this theme is clearly showing all over the place starting from the building itself, it was an old house and then transferred to a restaurant. i got greeted by the waiters by a smile and showed me my table which ,waiters there are so professional and well trained Food was absolutely amazing , my favorites were to name a few Labaneh,Falfel platter(recommended), Mansaf but the prize goes to ice cream with halva its Arabic pistachio ice cream served with something that looks like cotton candy!! I really liked the decoration and the Antiques, it emphasize the identity of the place I will definetly go again
  • Review by Aya of Crowne Plaza Hotel And Spa
    7 years ago
    I went there 2 weeks ago, when you first enter the main gate you'll be stopped by the security and this guy is so friendly, i really liked the building it reminds , ,you of Islamic architecture we sat at a small sea viewed resturant, we ordered juice and , shisha(it doesn't serve food the view is breathtaking ,so calm perfect for relaxation waiters were friendly and quick with orders i really recommed
  • Review by Aya of Housing Bank Park
    7 years ago
    i took my nephews on saturday to play at the park, itwas the first visit the first thing that caught my attention that its so clean, no garbage on the floor or littering it has 2 swings, slides, a small sand box which is perfect for kids, you can bring your own bike , there is enough space. also the landscaping is beautiful there is some colorful , flowers and some trees there is a big fence all around the place, for safety and its a plus and also a little supermarket across the street if you'd like some snacks no entering fees i recommend to visit
  • Review by Aya of Mariam Cafe and more by Zerofour
    7 years ago
    My first visit was 2days ago, first impression too much blue lighting..it hurts!! Waiters are friendlly, he let us choose our table We ordered food,nachos was mr. Chips trotilla chips with some melted cheese and meat.. Lacks taste and presentation Chicken tenders was dry and i felt like they were re- fried but i have to say they serve them with hot sauce that is so good Prices are good , available valet service
  • Review by Aya of Campfire Grill
    7 years ago
    I tried this place a couple of days ago, after being recommended by a lot of people, i was really excited to giveit a try and was dissapointed big time!!! i ordered chicken philly meal, it reminded me of chilli house philly sandwich maybe the second one is better. they use seasoning with a very weird and strong taste!!! Fries were good, also with a weird spices on top presentation was very good, it looks from the outside yummy!! i wontbe visiting anytime soon
  • Review by Aya of Living Room
    7 years ago
    Not the best atmosphere, but ohnestly the best foood!! the menu is so rich, starting from the soups till the desserts my favorite is the grilled shrimps with garlic sauce, it so moisy and the sauce taste like heaven!! regarding the atmosphere, its too calm and the lighting is so soft, you cant see infront of you!! and its full of elderly people Good place for a peaceful dinner the service is so good,waiters are so helpful and friendlly and always smilling prices are high but suitable for the quality of food!!
  • Review by Aya of Two Jars
    7 years ago
    I tried this place yest for the second time and every time i love it more, First of all the palce is so clean which is a very important thing in a falafel place, you get to choose between 5 types of bread(regular, kaak,hamam,shrak and brown bread) what i liked the most that the waiter had already fried falafel earlier but he waited for a bit and used the fresh ones instead Prices are just like any other place but for sure cheaper than abujbara! Parking depends on which time you visit, i think on mornings its diffcult because its a busy street but at night you can find parking easily
  • Review by Aya of Casper and Gambini's
    7 years ago
    Iwent there yesterday, I ordered chicken pesto pasta, first of all it was warm,not Hot as the food must be served i ignored because i was so hungry, i started eating the chicken and there are small bones left, i tried maybe 3 pieces just to be sure and ithey all were the same I DIDNT FINISH MY PLATE Ofcourse! A place like casper i think should serve better quality!! it was one of my favourite places because i love the atmospher buti dont know if i will go back again or at least order food
  • Review by Aya of Khobzeh W Shawerma
    7 years ago
    A new tiny shawerma place, it probably won't fit 2 people it tried it for the first time and i ordered for a big party, the guy on the cash asked me if i want the regular bread or their own bread i was really confused then he told me that they bake their own bread and he recommended this bread and told me its better than the regular so i decided to go with his recommendation i ordered 7 meals the total was 20 jd, good price the taste was ok, i was expecting the bread to be something great but it was good like any other bread the shawerma it self and the sauce were good , they put potato inside the sandwich too workers are friendly and the will help you with your food to the car!
  • Review by Aya of Sameer Optical Center
    7 years ago
    I am one f the regular customers there, because they have a wide varaiety of eye glasses and they are not expensive at all with a really good quality, I always tend to forget my glasses everywhere or to broke them by accident so optics sameer is the call. they also have a professional doctor who gives you the test, also workers there are so friendly and helpful and let you take your time when choosing your glasses
  • Review by Aya of Dr. Mazen Al Bashir
    7 years ago
    My family has been dealing with this doctor for years, what i love about this doctor that he dosent go with you through mazes like other doctor, he always treats you the easy way. and he is so calm and answers all your questions and never let you leave if you are worried the clinic is so clean and the secretary is so friendly but you might have some problems with appointments he is always fully booked or busy,
  • Review by Aya of Asyad Al Mandi
    7 years ago
    Although I am not a big fan of Mandi, I tried from this restaurant and it was very good, the rice was well cooked the color of the rice was delightful as they must use certain spices to color the rice the hot sauce that came along with the meal was also good As i said im not a big fan of Mandi, but if i want to eat it another time, ill definitely order from asyad al mandi
  • Review by Aya of Pancake and Waffle House
    7 years ago
    it's my favorite place for breakfast time, i like the atmosphere i always order stuffed omelette,i tried once the spinach one i didnt lke it that much , hash browns also pancakes with fruits and whipped cream are highly recommended, they offer coffee refill which is great staff are super friendly ready to help but there is one problem you cant always find a table if you didnt reserve by phone especially on weekends
  • Review by Aya of Robins And Chicco
    7 years ago
    A friend of mine recommended this place Because i wanted to buy a gift for a baby shower, actually i was surprised that there is such a place that is specialized in baby stuff, it contains everything from the baby bottles, car seats,l toys,clothes there sell more than one brand, prices depends on the brand your buying the sales men can help you to pick what you want, as for myself im not an expert in baby stuff i highly recommend this place
  • Review by Aya of B@C in Abdoun
    7 years ago
    i visited this place for the first time 2 weeks ago, location wise its good and you can find parking what i liked about the place that its a bookshop inside a coffeehouse,its great for people who enjoys reading in a quiet place, i didnt like the menu at all,nothing special its a coffee place their hot drinks must be exquisite its so lame!, i dont recommend this place for groups bigger than 3 or 4 people,because its so small voices might be all over the place!
  • Review by Aya of Khalid Al Riyalat
    7 years ago
    جربتوا اول مرة قبل اسبوع, بس جربت من عندو المنسف, كتير كان خفيف و زاكي و نظيف بيقدم كمان فريكة و اوزي بس ما جربتهم, اكيد لازم اجربهم مرة تانية
  • Review by Aya of Daisy Taking Care Of You
    7 years ago
    the perfect place to manicure there, its so calm and cosy where you can relax they always have light candles and the workers are so nice and helpful you definitely need to call and make a reservation.that's their policy they also have messages and offers skin care treatments prices are just like any other salon
  • Review by Aya of Rabiah Bakeries
    7 years ago
    This bakery is so clean, i like the bran bread topped with herbs and their sticks with thyme, they also sell cakes but i never tried them, they sell qatayef in ramadan they are always fresh prices are good, you may have a problem with parking
  • Review by Aya of Pizza Lover
    7 years ago
    I always order Fungi pizza, i love it because they always use fresh mushrooms making it no like other places that uses canned mushrooms that tastes like plastic! and the like their thin dough also pizza comes in one size its enough for 2 , and it costs around 5 jd the price is very reasonable the workers are friendly ans some how quick,depends on how many orders they have!! but you have to take your pizza and eat it at home because there is no place to sit
  • Review by Aya of Kanafandi
    7 years ago
    محل حلويات جديد, جربت من عندو البوظة العربية بالفستق لونها اخضر لانها معجونة بالفستق كتير زاكية و جربت من عندو الكنافة فكرتو كتير حلوة انو بيعملك الكنافة قدامك, وبيقدمها جوا علبة,بتكفي لشخص واحد,ديكور المحل كتير حلو,كتير شرقي و الموظفين كتير بيساعدو بالنسبة للاسعار اغلى من محلات الحلويات التانية.
  • Review by Aya of Mr. Krepe
    8 years ago
    there are a lot of places that serves crepe in amman but this is the best so far!!everyone must the nutella and hershey's crepe,its really out of this world what i really like about this place that you can see the chef while preparing your crepe,so no worries about hygiene side. the place is so small it has 2-3 tables i guess but nice colors! i like the out door seating's in the middle of the busy rainbow street. workers are so friendly and helps you decide what kind of chocolate to fill in your crepe since they have nearly any kind you can think of! prices are a little bit high when it comes to size, but the taste overcomes that part

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