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Dear Abu Dhabi citizens,

Here are some questions that will help you learn about Jeeran Abu Dhabi’s Hiwaraat section, how it works and what benefit you can gain from it.


First a general over view “Jeeran Abu Dhabi”?

Abu Dhabi is a website that is built specifically for its citizens, its content is meant for its citizens or visitors to it.

  • Want to find a place to chill out?
  • Looking for a good Dr.?
  • Is there something city specific that you would like to discuss?
  • Have an opinion on a place that you’d like to share?

If you answered any of the questions above with a yes then Jeeran Abu Dhabi was built for you.

What is Abu Dhabi Hiwaraat?

Abu Dhabi Hiwaraat is a section created for members to discuss relevant topics in their city. Everyone can read and participate in the discussions, and let us not forget that being different doesn’t mean we can’t be friends.

How do I post a discussion in Abu Dhabi Hiwaraat?

After you sign in, from Hiwaraat section, click on “Post a Discussion” on the left side of the page.

*We only welcome ideas that are relevant to Abu Dhabi city, and we make sure you do not see soccer goals or Haifa’s latest pictures. Go ahead, speak your mind!

How do I give my opinion about a discussion in Hiwaraat?

write your comment in the space under “do you have a point of view about this subject? Share it with us” after you have signed in.

You can also comment on a comment by clicking “reply” found beside each comment in the thread.

*Your opinion matters to us so please let us know what you think of this section and give us any ideas you have to make this page better.

How can I know the discussions I participated in before?

Keep track of the discussions you took part in by clicking on Hiwaraat, and viewing it on its main page once you’re logged in.

Where can I find the discussions I wrote in Hiwaraat?

Sign in to the section and click on “my discussions” on the left side of the page.

How can I stay up to date on whats featured, most discussed?

Once you login, click on the Hiwaraat which takes you to its main page, there you will find 2 columns showing both Featured and Latest topics.

How to flag a discussion or comment?

There is a flag next to each comment and topic title in Hiwaraat section, please do flag that which you see is offensive and our Community Team will act immediately.

What subjects can I discuss in Hiwaraat?

Discussions should be exclusive to Abu Dhabi, the website aims to concentrate on incidents, problems, and achievements related to Abu Dhabi city.

We encourage the discussion of time related topics, rather than discussing old repetitive issues concerning the city.

Please keep in mind that we welcome all city related topics, this is not a complaint forum, though we welcome it, it’s a place to discuss everything.

Let us make sure that that our discussions have one or two ideas a discussion maximum, so the discussion is not long and let us try to use the minimum number of words possible, the shortest the better.

Thank you for visiting Jeeran Abu Dhabi, we hope you keep coming back for more!