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Jeeran Content Guidelines:

All of us have experienced the local places, some more memorable than others, some we recommend and like tell everyone about others not so much, be it a check up at a doctor or a delicious burger from a local restaurant, or even a musical training center that amazed us. Jeeran offers us the opportunity to share our reviews and experiences with friends and family and our community.
The goal is to write a clear and a comprehensive review that can add value to others upon making a decision to visit that place

For the reviews to be effective to be effective, they have to comply with our terms and conditions, to see how to write a useful reviewl click here.

When they are not, we filter them, below are are things to avoid.

So sometime we will hide some reviews because they don’t comply with our reviews terms and conditions.

Reason why reviews are rejected:

  • 1. Not Useful
  • 2. Not your own experience
  • 3. Fishy review
  • 4. Business owner
  • 5. Currently Employeed
  • 6. Ex-Employee
  • 7. Original-Copied content
  • 8. Foul Language
  • 9. Revealing Identities
  • 10. Personal beliefs